Tobi's face manga 599

Who is Tobi?

After the appearence of Edo bodies, most of the people predicated that the man in the coffin is Uchiha Madara, so questions popped in every one's mind that if the main inside the coffin is Uchiha Madara then who the hell is that masked guy who call himself Madara Uchiha.

Every one wanted to see the face behind the mask, people made many predication, but it was quite a shock that the man behind the mask was none other than "Uchiha Obito".

Tobi Face:

In Naruto Manga 598 title "In To Pieces"  Naruto with the help of the Kakashi Mangekyou Sharingan powerful technique Kumai was able to land a Rasengan attack on Tobi mask and the mask was blown in to pieces.It was an awesome moment as we were going to see the face of person who was behind the mask.
In Naruto Manga 599 "Obito Uchiha", there was a flash back of Obito, Rin, Kakashi and on the last page of the chapter, it was finally revealed that the master mind behind all this was "Obito Uchiha".

Naruto Manga 599 Tobi face revealed and he is obito Uchiha

The right side of the face got crushed by the large boulder in his last mission with old 7 protecting Kakashi and Rin.