Naruto Manga 600 Predications

As we know that in Naruto Manga Chapter 599 Page 15 Tobi's face has been revealed.

So what do you guys think will happen in Naruto chapter 600? Our predications are:

Kakashi: Obito is that you? What happened to you and then there will be a flash back, how Zetsu saved Obito and then Zetsu will share all the knowledge about Ninja world from the very beginning (Rikudo Sennin era, the rise of Jubi, Elder and Younger Sons fight and then Hashirama and Madara's fight.

Zetsu will also reveal about Madara's Moon Eye plans and then Obito will think that there is no peace in this Ninja world so in order to bring peace he must complete Madara's Moon Eye Plan.

Kakashi : So this must be the reason you are using Uchiha Madara's name? and then Uchiha Madara will Join the battle and explain everything about the past, how he got rinnegan and gave it to Nagato.

This is our Predication for Naruto Manga 600. Comment to share your predications to add something to it or let us that do you agree with us?