Akatsuki data base


Height  176.5cm
Weight  57.2kh
Personailty : No emotions
Catchphrase Quote"People, countries, and the world will know pain!!"
Eyes : Rinnegan (like sage of six paths )
Sensei : Jiraya 
Village :Hidden Rain
Opponent : Uzumaki Naruto

Story Line :

"In second world war hidden rain village suffered alot.3 children named (yahiko, nagato, and konan ) some how got  survived, how ever nagato parents were killed infront of him .The three of them accidently meet the three sannin of konoha village and jiraya helped them and  taught them ninjustu .The three of them made a very powerful team named (akatsuki) yahiko was made the leader of the group.But yahiko was killed in a incident and nagato was forced to kill yahiko. Nagato only wants to save his friends but he received two major pains in his life 
1) the death of his parents
2) the death of his best freind named yahiko
 after yahiko died pain came in the living world to create peace in shinobi world ."

Konan Female AkatsukiKonan 

Height 169.4 cm
Weight  45.3 kg
Sensei : jiraya 
Affiliation :Amegakura
Village : Hidden Rain 
Freind : Nagato  

Story Line : 

"She was also a victim of shinobi second world war. Her parents were also killed in war.She was walking with his freind yahiko then they found nagato with his chibi dog. After yahiko died Nagato and Konan were controlling Hidden rain village "
Tobi Uchiha


Height: 175cm
Weight: 55.9kg
Multi personality
Spoiler (obito,izuna,shisui,kagami,elderson,jubi)
Plan: Moon Eye plan (Infinite 

Story Line:

Tobi was always shown with a differnt personality when he was first introduced no one can imagine he would be of much threat he was always found with deidara . 
After itachi death tobi's personailty was completely change . Later on we found that he was one who was behind the attack on konoha village 16 years ago.He also mentioned in his fight with konan the one who gave nagato the rinnegan and forced yahiko to create akatsuki.
In recenet manga 598 Tobi masked broked in to pieces and in manga 599 his face was revelead.

Deidara from AkatsukiDeidara 

Height: 166cm
Weight: 50.8kg
Blood Type: AB
Personality : Pround in himself
Partner : Tobi
Village : Iwagakure

Story Line :

Deidara always wanted to defeat uchiha's with his art. He was agaist the idea that his art is not comparable to sharingan.He joined akatsuki so that he can fight power full shinobi who got controlled over there tailed beats.  Deidara got killed in his fight with Sasuke Uchiha. Deidara last attack was CO a large exploding bomb.


Height: 164.1cm
Weight: 47.3kg
Blood Type: AB
Village :Sunagakure

Story Line :

Sasori grand mother Chiyo took care of him.She was good at controlling puppets.In order to make sasori happy she taught him the basis of this field .Later sasori got interest in puupets and he become most powerful puppet master in ninja world.At the age of fifteen years he found third kazekage abd made him one of his puppets he also turned himself in to a living puppet.

Hidan from Akatsuki


Birthday: April 2
Age 22, Aries
Height: 177.1cm
Weight: 56.6kg
Blood Type: B
Village : Yugakure(Village Among Hotspring)
Partner: Kakuzu

Story Line :

When is village was removed from ninja world and became a tourist site He was not happy how the things were going he always thought that shinobi main mission is to slaughter there he killed his neighbours and left his village .Then he Joined religon Jashin and mastered one of his techniques and became imortal .He only admired kakuzu and there fire he was his partner when he joined akatsuki.

Kakuzu from Akatsuki


Birthday: Aug 15
Age 91, Leo
Height: 185cm
Weight: 63.2kg
Blood Type: A

 Story Line:

Kakuzu was given a mission to kill hokage but he failed. Some how he got saved from moukton and arrived village.When he arrived village he was punished for no completing his mission and was sent to jail .Later he broke out of jail and killed the clan leader and all superior members from his clan and joined akatsuki.
His partner was Hidan.He got defeated by Uzumaki Naruto when he tried to catch kyubi (Nine tails).

Kisame Hoshigaki

Height: 195.0cm
Weight: 83.1kg 
Blood type: AB
Village : Hidden Mist
Parner :Itachi Uchia

Story Line :

Kisame was actually a guard to Cypher divsion under the order of  Fuguki Suikazan One of the seven swords men (Samehada user ) .One one misison kisame team was corned by enemy trying to save his information he killed all his members because he was ordered from Fuguki Suikazan. Later wheh he found that Fugki was leaking information he killed him and became the user of Samehada.Then he joined akatsuki his partner was Itachi uchiha.

Itachi Uchiha From AkatsukiItachi Uchiha

Height 178 cm
Weight 58kg
Blood Type AB
Eyes :Mangekyo Sharingan
Clan :Uchiha
Partner : Kisame Hoshigaki

Story Line:

Itachi was considered as a genius he joined ANBU at the ate age of 10 and became captain at the age of 13.
He was ordered to kill his whole clan beacuse Uchiha clan were planning something against konoha to take the title of Hokage or any other conspiracy. Itachi killed all his clan member along with mother Mikto Uchiha and Father Fugaku Uchiha .The ony one he was not able to kill was his younger brother Sasuke Uchiha. He asked sasuke to get hatred for him and get the eyes like him (Mangekyo sharingan).

Zetsu Zetsu 

The only thing revelead about zetsu was his 
Height 177 cm

StoryLine :

Theres much to reveal about zetsu all we know that white zetsu was made from hashirama cell (1st Hokage cells) and black ones from Madara Uchiha?


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