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Fairy Tail 2018 Final Season PV Trailer

The official website of Fairy Tail series has released the first PV of final season of the series. Series previous seasons animation staff, color designer, and director of photography staff are once again working on the final season.

The returning cast members includes
Tetsuya Kakihara as NatsuAya Hirano as LucyRie Kugimiya as HappyYūichi Nakamura as GraySayaka Ohara as Erza
The final season is going to start from October 7, 2018. This season is expected to finish the story of the manga which got completed in July 2017. The total number of episodes are not revealed yet, but we can assume there will be more than 70 episodes.

This will not be the end of Fairy Tail as the creator of the series Mashima has confirmed that he has already decided to create another spin-off manga for the sequel of Fairy Tail.
フェアリーテイル本編の続編にあたるスピンオフの漫画ともう一本別のスピンオフ漫画の制作が決定しました。 — 真島ヒロ (@hiro_mashima) April 5, 2018 Source: Official Fairy Tail anime's website

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